Measuring and Size Charts

Leotards, Crop Tops and Shorts

Please follow the picture guide to the correct way to measure for a leotard.

To measure a leotard for the correct fit.

1. Chest (Around the bust line crossing the middle of the chest)

2. Waist (Narrowest part of the waist)

3. Hips (Widest part of the hips)

4. Girth (Start tape measure at left shoulder, down the front of the body, and back up the back of the body to the starting shoulder)

5. Shorts length is an Inseam measurement from the crotch to length desired.

Posing Suits ~ Bikini and Figure

Rae Mac Gym Wear makes two different styles of cups. A traditional sliding cup and a soft shell moulded cup.
All RMGW cups have tan coloured lining creating a pouch. This can be used to insert any filler that you wish to add. 
Cup Size 1 2
A/B 15 cm 14 cm
C 16 cm 15 cm
D 17 cm 16 cm
DD  18 cm 17 cm
DD for Implants 20 cm 18 cm
All Rae Mac Gym Wear bottoms come with longer straps, so you can adjust the size to bit suit your body. They also have full scrunch and rounded detail at the top of the behind. 
All RMGW suits have a standard rounded front cut, but with all suits, they can be customed made into any different front. The current size is 13 cm.
The bottoms are lined with tan coloured lining in the front of the suit only. This is to give greater control when adding glue to the suit bottoms. 
Size Cut Crotch Mid Top
6 Brazilian 6 cm 12 cm 26 cm
X-Cheeky 6 cm 14 cm 30 cm
Cheeky 6 cm 17 cm 34 cm
8 Brazilian 6 cm 14 cm 26 cm
X-Cheeky 6 cm 16 cm 32 cm
Cheeky 6 cm 20 cm 38 cm
10 Brazilian By Request
X-Cheeky By  Request
Cheeky By  Request