Stage Bikini Mandarin A

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Stage Bikini ~ Mandarin A

This beautiful Stage Bikini is ready to walk out the door and on stage!

Created using Mandarin Mystique Nylon Lycra. An Orange base with Hot Pink Foile to really enhance the coral colour. Semi covered with Swarovski Crystals!

Cups: B / C Standard Cup; 
           Pouch instead of lining, to place inserts;

Bottoms: Standard Size 8 / 10;
                Extra Cheeky Coverage;
                Swimsuit Lined;

Connectors: Top: 2 Stand (16 cm);
                     Center: Small Square (1.5 cm);
                     Bottoms: Tear Drop; 2 Stand (15 cm);
                     Square Slider to adjust size on bikini straps;
                     Metal Snap / Lock in Clips.

Crystals: Medium Coverage; Multi Size Crystals;
                Clear SS 20, SS 16, SS 10 + SS 16 Swarovski Firestone.